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Video introduction

The video introduction is currently unavailable. A webinar is available The Practice Support Manual and its relevance to dental practice.

The webinar is approximately 1 hour in length.  Below are some timing points (minutes and seconds) for sections within the webinar.

What is the practice support manual? 5:55
Where is it found online? 8:14
Who is it relevant for? 8:34
Why has it been developed? 9:00
How to you use PSM? 10:35
Create an account 11:10
How to use the practice support manual 14:17
How to navigate around site via topics 14:50
Molar action points 15:43
How to use Checklists 16:09
How to use Templates 17:25
How to use Search function 20:43

How to navigate the PSM (summary) 21:00
Useful hints and tips 22:26

Relevance to everyday dentistry, example with Radiation Protection 26:25

Scottish Dental website 27:48

Pop quiz 44:13
Question and Answer 48.00