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How to Use the Practice Support Manual

PSM folder imageA video introduction on how to access and use the PSM is provided. All PSM topics can be accessed through the homepage or Topics landing page.A complete list of all available checklists and templates within the ‘Practice Support Manual’ (PSM) can be accessed from these pages and the links in the main menu across the top of every page.

A list of all checklists and templates for a specific topic can also be accessed by clicking the relevant links at the right-hand side of each page within the given topic.

Actions for the Dental Team

Within the PSM, text formatted in this way denotes actions for the dental team. These actions are considered best practice by the group that developed the guidance. Following these actions will help practices comply with current professional regulations and legislation.

Read the summary introductions

The PSM covers several diverging topics. One way of approaching the use of the PSM is to read the introductions to each topic. These outline the content provided for each topic. In this way, each dental team can prioritise subjects to address and allocate responsibilities among the team. Brief details of each topic are also provided on the Topics landing page.

Search for specific words

A word can be entered into the PSM ‘Search’ box to find information about a topic of interest in the PSM. Phrases can also be searched by putting these in double (“) quotation marks within the ‘Search’ box.

Browse the website

From the ‘landing page’ for each main topic (e.g. Record-keeping),the contents list for the given topic can be viewed in the right-hand menu.  The web page being viewed is highlighted in bold in this menu. The templates, checklists and sources of information for the relevant topic can be accessed from the bottom of the right-hand menu.

Links to individual templates are cited within the body of each web page and at the end of each page, where relevant. Sources of Information, i.e. references and details of organisations cited within each web page are listed at the end of each page. Links to external websites open in a new webpage.

Please note that to view all the content on a given web page, scrolling might be required.

The ‘breadcrumb’ menu (e.g. Practice Support Manual > About > How to Use the PSM) at the top of each page indicates which page is currently being viewed, and where it lies in the hierarchy of the PSM. Clicking on the links to the left will take you up a level within the PSM.

Formats for Templates and Checklists

Templatesand checklistsuse the Adobe Page Description Format (PDF) or, where you may need to edit the files, Microsoft Word (DOC).

Templates and checklists can either be printed out and filled in by hand or be saved to your computer and completed electronically. See the relevant instructions for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)is provided to help you. If you have a question about the PSM which is not answered under FAQ please let us know.

Your feedback

If you have any comments, suggestions or problems relating to the PSM, please send us your feedback.

The web addresses for the links provided are correct as of April 2015. In order for us to keep these up to date, please let us know if you find that any links no longer work.