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Guidance Development Methodology

books and glassesThe ‘Practice Support Manual’ (PSM) is based on current legislation, professional regulations and guidelines (see Sources of Information) and the opinion of experienced practitioners.

A Guidance Development Group, comprised of dental practice advisers and general dental practitioners, was convened to create the PSM, with the assistance of the Programme Development Team.

During the development of the PSM, several expert bodies and specialists [e.g. (UK) Information Commissioner’s, Scottish Information Commissioner, NHS Education for Scotland, Health and Safety Executive, Disability Equality Scotland Forum] were consulted.

Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP) guidance is subject to wider consultation among the dental profession prior to publication. To obtain feedback on the PSM functionality, in addition to the content, the PSM was piloted within primary care dental practices. All comments received as a result of the pilot have been considered carefully by the Guidance Development Group, and the PSM amended where appropriate.

The Programme Development Teamnow maintains and continues to develop the PSM with input from experienced dental professionals and topic experts.

All activities of SDCEP are overseen by a Steering Group.Declarations of interest are made by all contributors to SDCEP. Details are available on request.

Further information about the methodology used to develop the PSM is available on the SDCEP website.