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Updated resources for Whistleblowing

17th June 2021

The PSM’s Whistleblowing information, advice and templateshave been updated in line with the Independent National Whistleblowing Officer (INWO) National Whistleblowing Standards for NHS providers in Scotland.

Changes include:

  • All organisations that provide NHS services are required to have a whistleblowing policy and procedure in place.
  • The policy must meet National Whistleblowing Standards.
  • NHS service providers must ensure that all staff have access to a confidential contact to whom they can report their concerns.
  • Each NHS Board must have a whistleblowing contact.

The resources include:

National Whistleblowing Standards trainingis available on Turas Learn for all staff who work on behalf of the NHS in Scotland, including members of the dental team. It is recommended that all staff access the training.