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About Templates

Cutting a templateTo facilitate implementation of the ‘Practice Support Manual’ (PSM), example documents and forms that you can adapt for use in your own dental practice are provided for some topics. In some cases, these are forms or notices that can be used as is (e.g. Incident Reporting Form) whereas others are forms or policies that will require to be adapted to suit your practice’s specific circumstances and needs (e.g. Waste Management Policy template, Health and Safety Policy). Some worked examples are also provided for your reference (e.g. Risk Assessment (worked example) template).

Please note that the templates have been developed as optional tools to aid practice management and help practices meet legislative and combined practice inspection requirements. They are intended to act as a guide and do not cover all documentation that is required in primary care dental practice. Before printing or using any template, it is important to think about how it relates to your practice and how it should be adapted to be of most benefit to your practice. All templates have been produced as Word files so that they can be adapted easily to meet the specific needs of your practice. See also How to Use Templates.

If you have any problems with using the templates or have any suggestions for additional templates, please let us know.