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Radiation Protection

16th September 2022

Although the relevant radiation protection legislation, IRMER17 and IRR17, has not changed, the Practice Support Manual Radiation Protection topic has been amended to be more consistent with the second edition of the “Guidance Notes for Dental Practitioners on the Safe Use of X-ray equipment” (accessible via the College of General Dentistry website).

The amendments to the PSM topic are mostly minor clarifications and are unlikely to require significant change to practice.

Topic areas where details have been clarified include:

Some radiation protection templates and checklists have been amended accordingly. The dates that templates were first provided vary but all the templates provided remain valid.  For those dated 2019, only the format has been updated.  For those dated 2022 onwards, both content and format have been amended.

The additional resources for radiation protectionprovided via the SDCEP website, including the example Employer’s Procedures and Protocols and the guide to radiation protection for the Combined Practice Inspection, are unchanged.