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National Whistleblowing Standards for NHSScotland

1st April 2021

On 1st April 2021, new whistleblowing standards for concerns about public safety or other harm came into force in Scotland.

All organisations that provide NHS services are required to have in place and follow a policy and procedure that meets the National Whistleblowing Standards. To assist in meeting the Standards, the Independent National Whistleblowing Officer (INWO) has produced a checklistof key items that can be used to update a practice’s current public safety policy and procedures in order to be compliant with the Standards.

NHS service providers must ensure that all staff have access to a confidential contact to whom they can report their concerns. Each NHS Board will also have a whistleblowing contact that may have communicated with dental practices about arrangements within the health board.

SDCEP is updating advice in the PSM to incorporate the National Whistleblowing Standards.

Meanwhile, it is recommended that staff access information about the standards. National Whistleblowing Standards trainingis available on Turas Learn for all staff who work on behalf of the NHS in Scotland, including members of the dental team. Further guidance and resources can be found on the INWO website.