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Drug Prescribing for Dentistry

9th May 2023

The Drug Prescribing for Dentistry guidance is also available for users in the UK as a website (URL: www.sdcepdentalprescribing.nhs.scot). Launched in January 2023 and replaces the Dental Prescribing smartphone app. The Drug Prescribing for Dentistry website provides the same content as the app with similar functionality and has the advantage that it can be viewed on any mobile device or desktop computer.  Being a website, accessing content requires an internet connection.

You can create a shortcut on your mobile device home screen to provide quick access to the website.

The website should be used instead of the Dental Prescribing app, which is no longer supported or updated and should be deleted from all devices. The Drug Prescribing for Dentistry website has been developed with NES Technology Service.