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Climate change, planetary health and sustainability are emerging areas in health care, including dental care.

In this topic:

Reducing the environmental impact of dental care

Embedding sustainability in practice

The World Health Organisation defines environmental sustainability in healthcare as a system that “improves, maintains or restores health, while minimizing negative impacts on the environment and leveraging opportunities to restore and improve it, to the benefit of the health and well-being of current and future generations” [1]

Dental practices can help to reduce their environmental impact by seeking to incorporate and enhance processes that reduce emissions, reduce waste, and manage resources effectively. Improving sustainability can deliver better outcomes for patients, teams, wider populations, and the environment as a whole.

This topic aims to provide relevant information regarding sustainability as it evolves. We will continue to update this page, adding more resources as they are identified.  In the future, we also aim to highlight potential sustainability considerations within each PSM topic.