Systems Risk

RiskExamples of systems risk include:

  • power or equipment failure;
  • IT systems failure.

Examples of risk-reduction measures include:

  • maintaining and testing equipment (e.g. dental unit, sterilizer, radiographic equipment) in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions
  • installing appropriate software protection (e.g. anti virus and firewalls), and keeping these up to date;
  • taking physical security measures to minimise the likelihood of theft or deliberate tampering, or damage as a result of water, fire, electrical faults, magnetic risks or other environmental factors (e.g. excess heat, cold, humidity or dust);
  • ensuring that the operation and recovery of systems are not dependent on single individuals who might be absent (see Continuity Planning);
  • putting in place back-up and emergency repair arrangements for IT systems to ensure there is no loss of data (see Record-keeping).