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Disposal of Old X-Ray Equipment

The employer must ensure that x-ray equipment is disposed of with due regard to radiation safety. X-ray equipment that is no longer in service and requires disposal is considered to be non-hazardous, provided there is no electrical supply to the machine.

Cut the electrical supply cable as close to the machine as possible so that there is no possibility of reconnection. The equipment can now be regarded as waste metal and can be disposed of as such.

  • It is also advised to obscure indications of ionising radiation hazard that might cause unnecessary alarm.
  • Employers should consider their duties under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2013 [1] and the Special Waste Regulations 1996 [2] due to potential hazardous materials, such as lead, beryllium and mineral oil.

Request, receive and retain evidence of safe and correct disposal if using a contractor.

Pass safe use, testing and maintenance information to new users if selling or transferring equipment.

Update the x-ray machine equipment inventory.


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