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Quality Assurance Audits

The quality assurance programme will only remain fit for purpose if it is regularly reviewed. Essentially this involves reviewing all the various documents, records and processes relating to dental radiology on a regular basis to ensure that the programme is being implemented effectively.

Conduct regular audits of the overall systems to ensure that your quality assurance programme is working (see Example Radiology Quality Assurance and Audit Programme Sept 2022 template (Word)

  • Auditing can be simply checking the information you already have from logs or reject analyses or might involve a more in-depth review of patient records, evaluation of compliance across procedures and implementation of improvements.
  • Collaborating with other local practices may be a useful means of approaching radiology audits.

Keep details of all radiology audits (e.g. see Record of Audit Jun 2012 template (Word))in your Radiation Protection File.