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Quality Assurance

Radiation ProtectionIn this section:

Quality assurance is a requirement of the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2017 (IR(ME)R) [1]. Adopting a robust quality assurance programme for radiography in dental practice ensures that adequate diagnostic information is consistently achieved while ensuring the lowest possible dose is used. The Employer is responsible for ensuring that a quality assurance programme is followed.

Some of the Example Employer’s Procedures provided describe processes that relate to quality assurance (procedures denoted *). These can be downloaded via Written Procedures and Protocols.

To comply with IR(ME)R, put in place a quality assurance programme for your practice that includes:

  • image quality;
  • patient dose and equipment* (see EP18 Equipment Inventory and Quality Assurance example Employer’s Procedure);
  • image processing and viewing facilities – film or digital;
  • training* (see EP9 Training and Education example Employer’s Procedure);
  • regular review of Employer’s Procedures and Protocols* (see EP12 Document Control example Employer’s Procedure).
  • radiology audit* (see EP13 Radiology Audit example Employer’s Procedure).

Keep written details of your quality assurance programme in your Radiation Protection File(see Example Radiology Quality Assurance and Audit Programme Sept 2022 template (Word)).