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Local Rules

Radiation ProtectionLocal Rules identify key working instructions to ensure that exposure of staff or others to radiation is restricted. It is the Employer’s responsibility, under the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17) [1], to provide Local Rules for a radiation controlled area. Advice on the exact content of these Rules, including designating the controlled area, specifying contingency plans and setting the dose investigation level, should be provided by the Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA). The Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) oversees implementation of the Local Rules.


Develop, in association with your RPA, Local Rules specific for the controlled areas in your practice (see Local Rules Sept 2022 template (Word)), that include at least the following:

  • the name and contact details of the appointed Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS);
  • the identification and description of the controlled area(s) and a summary of the arrangements for restricting access;
  • a summary of working instructions that employees must follow to restrict exposure to themselves and others;
  • a summary of contingency arrangements in the event of equipment malfunction and/or accidental exposure to radiation;
  • the dose investigation level.

It is also advisable to include the following:

  • the name and contact details of the appointed RPA;
  • the name of the Employer;
  • arrangements for personal dose monitoring;
  • arrangements for pregnant staff;
  • a reminder to employees of their legal responsibilities;
  • a note that full details of the following can be found in the Radiation Protection File:
          • arrangements for the maintenance and testing of equipment;
          • details of the significant findings of the risk assessment;
          • arrangements for ensuring staff have received sufficient training;
          • the arrangements for investigating and reporting incidents;
          • the arrangements for reviewing the Local Rules.

Ensure that the Local Rules are subject to document control so that the current version is clearly identifiable to staff (i.e. practice name, date, version, authorisation, review date and page numbering).

Ensure that all staff are aware of the Local Rules.

  • Staff should refamiliarise themselves with the Local Rules annually.

Ensure that the Local Rules are readily available at or near each controlled area.

Keep a copy of the Local Rules in the Radiation Protection File.