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Quality Improvement Activity

AuditIn this section:

To provide a high-quality service to the public it is important to continually assess your performance and strive to improve clinical outcomes and patient care.

In Scotland, with effect from 26 October 2017, the requirement to undertake Clinical Audit activities was amended to allow a broader range of Quality Improvement (QI) activities to be undertaken. The 2017 Amendment Regulations of the Terms of Service for Dentists, define QI as ‘the systematic, critical and reflective analysis of the quality of dental care provided by the dentist, and of any changes made by the dentist to bring about improvement in quality of care, patient experience, patient safety and clinical effectiveness, (including the processes used by that dentist for diagnosis, intervention and treatment and use of resources)’. 

While QI activity is a requirement under the NHS Scotland Terms of Service for Dentists, it can also contribute to verifiable continuing professional development (CPD)* as long as it meets the CPD criteriaspecified by the General Dental Council.

Dentists are required to complete a minimum of 15 hours of QI activity in each 3 year cycle (e.g. August 2019-July 2022). Funding (QI activity allowance) is available through NHS Education for Scotland (NES) for general dental practitioners who undertake quality improvement activities if approved by NES or an NHS Board.

*The enhanced CPD (eCPD) Scheme came into effect for dentists on 1 January 2018 and for dental care professionals on 1 August 2018. Prior to 2022 and depending on where a dental professional is in their CPD cycle, they may have to complete CPD based on the old scheme (2008-2017) and eCPD to be compliant at the end of their cycle.