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General Responsibilities for Waste Storage and Disposal

Put together a policy on waste segregation, storage and disposal that includes local practice procedures    (Waste Management Policy May 2013 template (Word))and ensure staff are aware of the policy.

Ensure that waste containers that meet requirements are available for all colour-coded waste streams            (Non-healthcare Waste and Healthcare (Special) Waste).

Check with your local NHS board to ensure that all your colour-coded waste containers and labels comply with the latest Health Facilities Scotland guidance.

Where pre-assembled containers are not used, assemble all colour-coded waste-disposal containers correctly before use and ensure the lids are firmly secured into place to reduce the risk of injury during use.

Segregate waste at the point where it is generated and place it into the correct and most appropriate waste containers (see Non-healthcare Waste and Healthcare (Special) Waste).

  • NHS Boards and waste contractors might charge a fee for failure to segregate waste correctly, and the enforcing agencies, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), can issue penalties for non-compliance.

Do not overfill colour-coded waste-disposal containers above the specified level.

Store containers of healthcare and other special waste securely and away from public access.

Arrange for the uplift of all types of waste, via your local authority (for Black and Green stream waste), NHS Board or private waste management contractor (for Orange, Yellow or Red stream waste). Gypsum waste uplift may require a separate contractor.

Ensure appropriate notes for uplift of waste are completed to indicate that the waste will be disposed of correctly, i.e.

  • transfer notes for Black and Green stream waste;
  • Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)  healthcare (special) waste consignment notes (SWCN) and carrier schedules for Orange, Yellow and Red stream waste.

Keep waste uplift notes for at least 2 years for non-healthcare waste and for at least 3 years for healthcare (special) waste, as required under the regulations.