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Protection for Sensitised Staff

If any staff member is sensitive to natural rubber latex (NRL), adapt the work environment to avoid unnecessary exposure that would increase the risk of more-severe reactions.

If any staff member is diagnosed with a Type I allergy (i.e. an allergy to natural latex proteins), it might still be possible for them to continue working in the clinical environment depending on the severity of the reaction. Contact your local OHS for advice.

If a Type I allergy is diagnosed, advise the staff member to avoid NRL proteins both at home and at work. Assess the need to substitute latex gloves with other gloves and whether the whole environment should be NRL free (i.e. no colleagues to use NRL gloves).

Encourage staff with an NRL allergy to wear a medic alert bracelet.

If a Type IV allergy (i.e. an allergy to chemicals used to convert NRL) is diagnosed, provide the staff member with non-sterile nitrile gloves that do not contain the specific chemical. Contact a dermatologist for advice on this selection.