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General Requirements to Comply with COSHH Regulations

To comply with COSHH regulations:

Identify all substances hazardous to health in the workplace.

Formally assess (record in writing) the risk to employees from these materials (see COSHH Risk Assessment Mar 2012 template (Word). For information on a substance consult the manufacturer’s Material Safety Data Sheet if available, use existing knowledge of the substance, its properties and how it is used in the practice, and check information found on the packaging.

If the hazard cannot be eliminated, provide control measures to reduce the risk of harm to health.

  • Involve staff in developing control measures to make sure the measures are suitable for the way they carry out the work. Encourage staff to suggest improvements, and to report anything they think might be going wrong.

Monitor the use of control measures and ensure they are in good working order.

Provide health surveillance where appropriate [1].

Plan for emergencies that involve hazardous substances.

Provide adequate information, instruction and training to staff.

Sources of Information

  1. Health Surveillance. Health and Safety Executive (http://www.hse.gov.uk/health-surveillance/index.htm)