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Health and Safety – General

Health and SafetyIn this section:

Health and safety compliance is a legal requirement for any workplace and is covered by the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and associated Acts and related Regulations see Health and Safety Legislation.

This topic provides information about the legal responsibilities of the employer and employees with respect to general health and safety in a dental practice, including how to assess and manage risks associated with, for example, the practice premises, substances commonly encountered (e.g. natural rubber latex and mercury), the use of equipment (e.g. visual display units and pressure vessels), electricity and waste. Health and Safety – Infection Control, covering the assessment and management of risk with regard to cross-infection in dental practices and Radiation Protection, which provides guidance to facilitate the safe use of ionising radiation by dental practitioners in accordance with legal requirements, have been developed as separate topics.

A basic introduction to health and safety is also available on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website and the Public Health Scotland – Healthy Working Lives provides advice on a wide range of workplace safety and health-related issues.

Keeping up to date with health and safety requirements can seem daunting. To assist you, a checklist is provided that can be used as a reminder and to keep track of tasks to be completed. It may also help in sharing responsibilities among the team and for noting where relevant information is kept.