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Types of PVG Disclosure Records

EthicalThere are currently four types of disclosure records available in the PVG Scheme [1]. The two disclosure records most relevant to practice staff carrying out regulated work are the Scheme Record, and the Scheme Record Update (Short Scheme Record).

PVG membership currently lasts for life, unless you choose to leave the scheme. If an individual is barred from working with children or protected adults, they will be removed from the scheme.

Scheme Record

The PVG Scheme Record is initially provided to all applicants admitted to the PVG Scheme. PVG scheme members should keep their Scheme Record safe in case it is needed in the future and it is recommended that they keep a careful note of their PVG membership number.

If an individual is barred from doing regulated work they will not be issued with a Scheme Record. Instead, both the individual, and any prospective employer will be advised of this.

Scheme Record Update (Short Scheme Record)

The PVG Short Scheme Record enables employers to check quickly, easily and cheaply that employees or potential employees are scheme members. If a request is made for a Short Scheme Record and the scheme holds any new vetting information gathered since the date of the scheme member’s last Scheme Record, Disclosure Scotland will issue a full Scheme Record in place of a Short Scheme Record. There will be no extra charge for this.


A prospective employer can request a Scheme Record or a Short Scheme Record. There is a fee to obtain a disclosure record.

Issue of a Scheme Record or a Short Scheme Record by Disclosure Scotland is the only way for an employer to establish that an individual is not barred from regulated work.

Scheme Records and Short Scheme Records can only be accessed by, or through, a ‘registered body’ (see Applying for PVG Scheme Membership). When an employer is issued with a Scheme Record or Short Scheme Record, it is also logged as an interested party in respect of the individual PVG Scheme member and will be notified if the individual is either placed under consideration for listing or barred.

It is an offence for anyone to attempt to see a disclosure record, or to use such a record other than for the purpose of checking an individual’s suitability to do regulated work.



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