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Applying for PVG Scheme Membership


For an individual to join the PVG Scheme,  online application forms are available from Disclosure Scotland. If you are unable to apply online you can request a paper application form by emailing: response@disclosurescotland.gov.uk

The employer completes the first part of the application form, the applicant will then be emailed the second part to complete. The second part requires identification and address confirmation.

Application forms must be countersigned by a registered body. Local NHS Boards might countersign PVG applications for its contracted dental practitioners. However, if your Board chooses not to act as counter signatory for other dental practice staff then you can either:

(a) Apply to Disclosure Scotland for the practice to become a registered body [1]; or
(b) Enrol with a registered body to process your staff disclosures. These other registered bodies are known as ‘umbrella bodies’ [2].

On receipt of an application for membership of the PVG Scheme, Disclosure Scotland will search for vetting information on the applicant from a range of sources. Any subsequent vetting information found (e.g. notification of a conviction from the police) is added to the PVG member’s record. If the vetting information has a bearing on the member’s suitability to do regulated work, Disclosure Scotland will determine whether or not to put the individual under a ‘consideration for listing’ (see Referrals and Consideration for Listing).

PVG scheme members are required to notify Disclosure Scotland of a change of name or gender within three months of the change taking effect. Changes of address or employer should also be kept up to date to avoid possible delays in the future.

It is also best practice for an organisation to inform Disclosure Scotland if a PVG Scheme member leaves its employment, and, where a Scheme Record or Short Scheme Record was issued for a potential new employee, whether that person was recruited or not.

Requirements after receiving a disclosure certificate

As the PVG and disclosure certificates contain personal and sensitive information, you are required to keep the certificate in a secure place and only share with the people allowed to see it.

The information on the disclosure certificate can only be shared with:

  • someone who has the right to see the information to do their job
  • someone in another organisation, for work purposes. ( e.g. if you signed the application for another organisation e.g. umbrella body)
  • a government department investigating a crime
  • a person holding statutory office
  • anyone you’re required by law to share the information with
  • an applicant has the consent of the person named on certificate.
  • If using an umbrella company (registered body) that company has a duty to handle the information on the certificate correctly.



Sources of Information

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