Doors also represent a barrier to disabled people accessing the dental practice.

Maintain doors so that they are kept clean and free-moving.

Ensure door thresholds are as flush as possible but waterproof (a maximum of 13 mm lip at the threshold is considered suitable).

Ensure entrance mats are flush to avoid tripping (avoid bristle matting, which might be difficult for wheelchair users to cross).


  • repositioning door handles at a convenient height (the recommended height is 1000 mm from the floor to the centre of the handle)
  • replacing door handles so they are easier to grip (e.g. D-shaped handle) and are in a contrasting colour
  • making the doors easier to open (e.g. by altering the opening pressure)
  • adding safety markings (manifestation/etching) on glazed doors (or other large areas of glazing)
  • widening doorways enough so that wheelchairs can pass through (a clear opening width of at least 750 mm  is required)