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Accessibility for those with Impaired Sight

Ensure signs and other information for patients are written using clear and simple text, in sentence case, to improve access for all.

Provide partially sighted patients with large-print literature (minimum of 16 point) and ensure other sources of information, such as a practice website, are accessible by following Scottish Accessible Information Forum guidelines.

Consider the use of other formats. For example:

  • provide a recording of the practice information leaflet for blind patients. Some organisations can record information e.g. Playback Recording Service Charity
  • send appointment notifications by email for patients with visual impairments, some might prefer this method of communication so that they can be read using a screen reader

Offer to guide partially sighted or blind patients. NB: ensure staff are covered by public liability insurance.

Refer to the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) website for information for health professionals or contact the RNIB for further advice.