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Duty of Candour in Practice

Understand the organisational duty of candour procedure [1]as well as your professional duty of candour [2].

Ensure relevant staff within the practice understand about the duty of candour procedure.

Encourage all relevant staff to take the eLearning module on Duty of Candour. (TURAS login required).

Ensure that a duty of candour procedure is in place for staff to follow (see duty of candour procedure template below).

Contact the duty of candour lead at your local health board to determine the approach being taken locally with regard to responsible person reporting procedures.

If a duty of candour incident occurs, follow the duty of candour procedure and keep a record of the event for inclusion in annual reporting.

  • A checklistto help do this sourced from the Organisational duty of candour: guidance (Annex A) [1]
  • Your defence union may be able to provide further advice

Analyse a significant event constructively to allow implementation of meaningful improvement to minimise the risk of the event happening again. (TURAS login required)

Sources of Information

  1. Organisational Duty of Candour (2018) Scottish Government
  2. Duty of Candour (2016) General Dental Council