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De-registration of NHS Patients

The requirements relating to de-registration of NHS patients are contained in the Terms of Service for Dentists [1]. These are an interpretation of the National Health Service (General Dental Services) (Scotland) Regulations 2010 [2].

If you wish to terminate a capitation or continuing care arrangement you must give the patient 3 months’ notice in writing of the termination of the arrangement.

On giving notice you must try to complete any outstanding care to secure and maintain oral health. You must also notify the Health Board and give details of the outstanding treatment and any arrangements made to try to complete this.
NB: You can terminate arrangements as a result of non-payment of charges and you will not be required to complete outstanding treatment.

If you wish to terminate the arrangement before the stipulated 3 months you must ask your Health Board to do this, giving the reasons and details of outstanding treatment or arrangements made to complete this. Complete Form GP200 with the relevant details and send this to your Health Board.

De-register, with immediate effect, any patients who have committed an act of violence or have made a dentist or their staff fearful for their safety. Report such incidents to the police and keep a copy of all communication (see Dealing with Violent Patients).

Notify the Health Board that you wish to terminate the agreement immediately due to violent conduct. Notify the patient of this by phone, or e-mail and follow with written confirmation within 7 days (communication by e-mail is not considered to be written confirmation). The Health Board should then take all reasonable steps to notify the individual concerned of their de-registration.

Further information can be found at NHS National Services Scotland [3].