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Involving the Patient in Agreeing Their Care

Ensure discussions with the patient are appropriate to their age and capacity and that all child patients, and people who lack capacity to understand or retain understanding about their care needs, are included in the discussion of their personal care plan.

Discuss the advantages, disadvantages and likely timescales of prevention and treatment options. It is often helpful to provide printed information about the treatment.

Ensure that NHS and private options are made clear as appropriate.

Give the patient a verbal or written estimate of the cost of treatment.

Allow the patient sufficient time to ask questions and consider and agree options. Record the discussion.

Involve the patient in deciding and agreeing their long-term personal care plan. Record the agreed plan and give the patient a copy. If changes are subsequently needed, discuss them with the patient and record any changes agreed. See Patient Review and Personal Care Plan template in  SDCEP Oral Health Assessment and Review[1] for further details.


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