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CommunicationIn this section:

Clear communication with patients, work colleagues and other professionals is essential in dental practice to minimise misunderstandings and to ensure the best possible care for patients. The information provided in this topic covers both written and verbal communication, including forms of communication that are mandatory (e.g. the patient information leaflet and a patient complaint policy) and communication to help deal with a range of situations (e.g. ensuring all important aspects of treatment are discussed, and dealing with violent patients).

The Patient Rights (Scotland) Act 2011 [1] gives patients certain rights with regard to NHS services including the right to be informed and involved in decisions about their healthcare, and the right to give feedback, make comments, raise concerns and make complaints. These are summarised in The Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities [2].

There are a number of online communication resources available from the person-centred care zone on TURAS [3]. Note that a login in maybe required to access all TURAS resources.     

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