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About Checklists

ChecklistTo facilitate implementation of the ‘Practice Support Manual’ (PSM) in your practice, a checklist has been provided for  some topics. These checklists can be used to keep track of tasks to be completed, share responsibilities among the team and document where relevant information is kept.

Please note that these checklists have been developed as optional tools to aid practice management and facilitate the combined practice inspection and induction or training of staff. Items for practice inspection are indicated by the superscript PI and are highlighted on a grey shaded background. Consult the CPI checklist for the latest inspection requirements as some of the checklists on the PSM may not be fully up to date with this feature. We endeavour to keep the checklists up to date.

A worked example checklist for some topics is included for information, and a ‘blank’ checklist for those topics is also included for you to adapt and use in your practice. See also How to Use Checklists.

Note that the checklists highlight key points, and reference to the PSM will be required for full details (relevant sections of the full PSM are cited within each checklist).

If you have any problems with using the checklists or have any suggestions for improvements to the checklists, please let us know.