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Advice on environmental sustainability

21st February 2022

We are currently working on information and advice to support environmental sustainability in a dental practice. In the interim, advice is available in the Sustainable Dentistry Guide from the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare. → read the full article

Disability Equality update

19th January 2022

The Disability Equality topic in the Practice Support Manual was updated in December 2021. There are no changes required for practices, in relation to this update.   Changes to the text include information on:   the transfer of disability discrimination legislation to → read the full article

Accessing PSM templates and checklists

13th December 2021

We are aware that a few users are unable to access/download some templates and checklists from the PSM. We are currently working on a solution to this issue. As this appears to be an issue with certain web browsers, as → read the full article

Updated information: Health Clearance and Immunisation

17th August 2021

The PSM’s Health Clearance and Immunisation topic information and advice has been updated to reflect the integration of the previous guidance on health clearance of healthcare workers with the management of healthcare workers infected with bloodborne viruses. This new document → read the full article

Health and Wellbeing

21st July 2021

A new sub-topic on Health and Wellbeing at Work has been added to the Health and Safety General topic. The subtopic outlines employer requirements for supporting staff, and provides a list of external information and training resources for wellbeing. → read the full article

Updated resources for Whistleblowing

17th June 2021

The PSM’s Whistleblowing information, advice and templateshave been updated in line with the Independent National Whistleblowing Officer (INWO) National Whistleblowing Standards for NHS providers in Scotland. Changes include: All organisations that provide NHS services are required to have a whistleblowing → read the full article

Ventilation information

4th May 2021

SDCEP has recently published a summary of currently available information on ventilation. This has been compiled from several key publicly available documents developed by other organisations and expert groups, with a focus on advice and information that has relevance for → read the full article